"Life is better with a little bit of gloom"

★ ★ ★

Hiya, I’m Ashleigh (but you can call me Ash), the Gloomy Gus behind GEEK&GLOOM - it’s super nice to meetcha!

The main goal of GEEK&GLOOM is to provide a shared space for all you cuties out there who love adorable, pastel, geeky things (like me!), but also maybe darker, gloomier things as well. Sometimes, life can’t always be sunshine and daisies, and that’s okay! 

So, here you’ll find an eclectic mess of all the things and themes that I love the most - everything from video games (my fave being Zelda) and all things pastel, to kpop and anime (FMA:B wrecks me every time y’all). 

It’s gonna be adorable and dark and just cute as heck - let’s go!!! ☆